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How to Send Video Email to Anyone

Want to get someone’s attention? Here’s a great hack that will help you stand out in someone’s inbox… Let’s say you want to connect with someone special. You could contact them via their email address, their twitter handle, their Facebook ID, their linked profile – but which route will get their attention? We all know how […]


3 Simple Steps to Awesome Video Storytelling

What are the 3 essential steps to good video storytelling? And which one do you think is the #1 thing that most people completely miss? Hopefully, I’ve just modeled the first basic step to good video storytelling which is… 1. Grab your audience’s attention You’ve only got 10 seconds to grab people’s attention – so give them a challenge, […]


Three Live Video Hacks You Can Do Anywhere

In getting ready to lead the Live Stream Rockstar Video Challenge – I made this bonus video with three live video hacks showing how you can easily make beautiful looking video – using minimal equipment and available light. If you haven’t yet joined, this is a free 5-day training where you can learn things like: How easy […]