How LinkedIn Profiles can help you enhance your personal brand

How LinkedIn Profiles can help you enhance your personal brand, be more credible and drive more business – with special guest Nick Bliamptis who’s giving me a review of my LinkedIn profile and showing how you can improve yours – Get your profile graded by Nick for free at:

How to be the “Oprah” of your industry – with Carrie Clark

Here’s how you can grow and engage your audience with a live weekly interview series. In this interview, I’m talking with Carrie Clark, who came to me because she was interested in doing a Facebook Live series for her business, Speech and Language Kids. Carrie is a speech therapist and her work is with other speech therapists where she helps them with learning activities and other kinds of curriculum. And her business model is a membership site where members pay $25/month to get access to all the learning activities.

Her site is a great service for speech therapists who work in public schools and are overworked (and underpaid) and don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on professional development. Speech and Language Kids provides a really affordable solution for their professional development.

Carrie says she wanted to be the “Oprah” of speech language pathologists – and she’s done it. Watch the video above for all the details.

If you’re interested in learning how to create a live video interview series that will make you the “Oprah” of your industry, then you could be a great fit for my Big Reach Video program.

Or, like Carrie, you could become one of my personal clients. I’d like to invite you to start showing up big time in a video breakthrough session (complimentary) where we can explore what might be keeping you from getting your message out in the world and the best way for you to move forward.

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Entreprenuer’s lesson on Walden Pond – interview with Henry David Thoreau

Who’s your inspiration? On Walden Pond – with Henry David Thoreau. What story do you tell yourself when you’re challenged? I’ve drawn inspiration from Thoreau’s example of carving your own path and leading a life of purpose since I read him in High School.

Changing the way we think about leadership – Interview with Scott Stolze

There is so much information available on leadership, but we don’t see or learn enough about how to lead ourselves first. You can reach Scott Stolze here:

The 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Facebook Live That’s Costing You Business

Here’s a recent interview where I’m taking about the biggest Facebook Live Mistakes people make when they go live that keep them from growing their audience and growing their business.  I was interviewed by Haley Gray, who is a business coach for women entrepreneurs and the founder of Leadership Girl. (She has a huge, active community of business women on Facebook with over 60,000 members!)

Haley’s hosting a 3-day event in North Carolina called Leadership Girl Summit. (I’ll be one of the featured speakers there). Haley revealed that she goes live almost every day, so she had a lot to share on how to use Facebook Live Video to grow your business, which led to a really great conversation between the two of us.

Here are the highlights:

2:15 How do you go from, “I’m terrified to be on camera.” to “Now, I’m going to rock this and own it!”

3:45 Why doing live video is perfect for people who are always trying to be perfect.

5:00 What’s a good way to get more people to watch your live videos?

8:00 Why right now is the best time to start doing live video.

9:15 Should you create your own Facebook Group?

11:00 Should you broadcast to a Business page or your Group page?

12:35 What is the best selfie stick for live video?

15:00 How to use a selfie stick to do live videos at a conference to grow your audience.

16:45 The 5 Mistakes people make when they go live that keep them from getting clients

22:20 How to create your own format for your live stream.

23:55 Should you go live with your cat?

25:15 The Biggest Facebook Live Mistakes people are making when they go live.

35:25 Why Facebook Live is one of the most important tools for small business

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How to make your business fascinating – interview with Will Foussier

How to Make Your Business Fascinating – Interview with Will Foussier from Ace-up, a platform to help professionals find the perfect coach. You can reach Will here:


How to Achieve Inconceivable* Live Video Success

Sometimes we can feel like our social media stuff is getting way out of hand. Trying to pay attention to Facebook and Twitter and Youtube and LinkedIn and Instagram and your blog, posting on all those platforms, is overwhelming.

It can feel like you’re traveling in six different directions – and it’s a bit of a gerbil wheel because it’s often hard to tell what kind of results you’re getting.

So, recently I decided to take a different approach.

What if I focussed all of my online activities to support things I’m doing offline – in the real world? After all, the main goal of all this online marketing is to actually meet people and start working with them, yes?

I started experimenting with Facebook Live and just last week I achieved inconceivable* live video success…!

I’m now hosting two live events each month and each event has guest speakers. So, my new content marketing strategy has evolved to do weekly interview with a guest of an upcoming event on Facebook Live – where they can share actionable content. We talk about the guest and invite people to come to the next event.

The live feed can be shared with the guest’s audience on Facebook in addition to my own – so I’m able to reach new people with every broadcast.

I wanted to share early results from this experiment (see video above) because it’s doing even better than I expected.

In this interview I was talking with Digital Marketer Taylor Kloss via Skype and doing a live broadcast of our conversation. Here’s what happened: this video reached 400 people and the video had over 230 views.

I had a specific call to action which was to invite people to my Big Idea Lab event (which was the first thing I said at the start) – so I have a pretty clear idea that 230 people actually saw, heard or watched my invitation!

Let’s compare this to an earlier post I did to announce the same event, which was a regular post with an image. It had a reach of only 6 people and there’s no way to tell if any of those people even noticed the invitation.

Clearly Facebook likes live video and will reward you when you make one by showing it to more people.

But it gets better.

I can take the same video and upload it to Youtube and post it on LinedIn and share a screenshot on Instagram (and tag Taylor) and post a link to it on Twitter (and tag Taylor). And, like I’m doing right now, turn it into a blog post and then send it out via email.

This is no longer doing six different things all going in six different directions. One piece of content that took 10 minutes to produce. And it’s in support of growing my community in the real world!

Did it work? As of this writing the next Big Idea Lab has 43 people registered. Which, as far as I’m concerned is a huge success!

If you’ve been going way down the social media rabbit hole and you’re feeling fatigued from your content marketing, I invite you to join my FREE Videomaking Mastermind group on Facebook where you’ll learn more about how to build engagement and trust with your ideal clients – by doing Live Video.

*The Princess Bride is one of my favorite films – especially love the Spaniard’s response to inconceivable: “I do not think this word means what you think it means…”