How Mommy Blogs can be your best marketing

Melissa Kieling, founder of PackIt, explains how mommy blogs (moms and their blogs) can help spread the word about your product.

“Having started the company out of my home with no budget for any kind of marketing or media dollars, I would sit up late at night, in my bed, on my computer, hitting mommy blog sites – just searching for people who were talking about the topic of lunch, of keeping things cold – which, surprisingly there are a lot of people out there talking about taking lunch.

Mommy BlogsThe Internet and bloggers and social media have given us such a platform to be able to communicate with other people who are seeking similar topics that we have to discuss and we were able to really hit home with those mommy bloggers.

Moms can really make or break your product. If you give them something to talk about they will and we’ve been so fortunate to be embraced by a lot of our customers who are moms and who are willing to share the concept and the product with their friends and hit social media talking about the product and sit at the park and be at the parent/teacher conferences and they’ve really embraced the product and are talking about it – and that is just invaluable.”

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Video Marketing to the Affluent

How do you capture the attention of the most discerning consumers – those who have the most to spend? When you’re marketing to the affluent how do you stand out within a crowded field?

With video, marketing to the affluent does not have to be hard.

Let’s say you’re interested in selling your house. OK, so who do you call? This requires some major decisions involving your most valuable assets, so how are you going to develop trust in whoever you find to work with?

But when you browse most realtors’, financial planners’, insurance companies’ or law firms’ web sites, you see that they all look the same. They all say, basically, the same things.

This is actually good news because it makes it easier for you to stand out and attract just the kind of clients you are looking for.

The Agency – A Case Study

Here’s a remarkable case study of how one brand new real estate agency in Los Angeles (called The Agency) became a market leader and did over $2 billion in transactions in their first 2 years.

What was their magic for differentiating themselves?

They used video to tell their story.

Take a look at this video which they placed on top of their web site’s ‘About’ page.

Redefining Real Estate

The Agency deals in multi-million dollar properties, but the services they offer are not really all that different from other luxury realtors. But when you watch this video you learn exactly how they’ll go about marketing your home. Because of the upbeat style, the video garners attention, interest and attracts more business. Plus it has a long shelf life. Once in place, the video can live on, introducing the Agency’s unique approach 24 hours a day.

Now take a look at this second video – from the bottom of the Agency’s About page.

People want to connect with real people and a video like this one let’s people meet you online in a way that goes way beyond ordinary text description. This video does a great job at giving you a sense of the culture at The Agency. The video serves as a recruitment video – for potential hires – as well as clearly showing the personalities and values of the founders.

It’s also worth while to note that The Agency’s videos are hosted on a video platform called Wistia – instead of Youtube.

Why did they do this?

If you place your video on youtube and then embed it onto your site – anyone searching for the keywords that are in your video’s title who finds your video will be sent to Youtube – not your site. But with Wistia’s hosting, you get the direct traffic that your video creates. Also Wistia’s analytics are far superior to Youtube’s. So, instead of merely seeing how many views you’re getting, you’re able to see how long people watch your video and when they lose interest. And the Wistia player lets you create a specific call to action so that you can direct your viewers to a specific offer that can be updated over time.

All of this can greatly enhance your video’s performance in attracting just the right client for your business.