What’s the most effective way to attract new clients?

If you’re in business, you need to tell your story and video is at the center of innovative storytelling. Awesome Videomakers produces the latest business video news with insights, interviews and reviews of the most successful video campaigns.

New ideas, new technology, fresh startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs with youtube channels (it’s beginning to seem like that’s almost everybody) are all using video to attract new clients.

“OK, that’s all very well and good”, you say, “but, isn’t video expensive?”

“and, time-consuming?”

“and, kind of hard to do?”

Most small business owners shy away from video marketing because they think they need to buy a lot of specialized gear or they need to hire an expensive videographer.

But it’s not true.

If you’ve ever asked yourself: “Why should I use Video?”

“How does a small businesses like mine use video effectively?”

“Why do I need a video strategy?”

“How can I get started with video?”

“How can I make videos on a budget?” …You’re in the RIGHT place!

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How to send video email to anyone

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Three Live Video Hacks You Can Do Anywhere

I’m getting ready to lead my Live Stream Video Challenge – so I made this bonus video showing how you can easily make beautiful looking video – using minimal equipment and available light.

If you haven’t yet joined, this is a free 5-day training where you can learn things like:
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Here’s a couple of my favorite live video hacks to make it as simple as possible for you to make awesome videos – and use Facebook Live. I’m not going to get into fancy equipment or fancy set-ups. I’d like you to be feeling very empowered and that you can do this easily, anywhere and any time.

1. Use Natural Light
The first thing to notice (in the video above) is that I am using available (natural) light. There’s no artificial light in the room. I have three great big windows off to one side – two windows slightly in front of me and one slightly behind me offering some backlighting. In addition, I have a neutral colored, plain wall as my background – so it’s non-distracting.

You’ll see that I have beautiful light coming down on one side which provides great contrast across my face. And I’m about five or six feet away from the wall so no matter what I do or no matter how I move, there’s no shadow cast on the wall.

What I’m going to suggest is that you look for locations that are like this – that have a neutral, non distracting background and have a lot of natural light. Note that the sunlight shouldn’t be direct – you’re going to want reflected light coming in through your window – and it’s really beautiful and really natural.

smartphone video
2. Use a small tripod and phone mount
A really simple camera setup for you phone uses a small flexible tripod and a mount that clips onto your phone. The cool thing about these is that you can mount it just about anywhere. (note: make sure you mount your phone horizontally)

3. Use an office chair
In the video above I’m showing how to mount your tripod on the back of an office chair. The nice thing about using an office chair is that by swiveling the chair, you can do cool little pan shots – or by rolling the chair across the floor, you can get a really nice, smooth, dolly shot.

I carry my little, bendy tripod and phone mount with me all the time – wherever I go. I always have it. So, any time I want to take a video, I can. And in my world, I know where some of the coolest, natural light rooms happen to be – and those are the places that I shoot a lot of video.

I hope these live video hacks are helpful and I’d love to see how you put these into practice.

And you can get started right away – by joining my (free) 5-Day Live Stream Challenge where you’ll learn things like how easy Facebook live video is to produce and how to make video that gets people to do what you want.

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