What’s the most effective way to attract new clients?

If you’re in business, you need to tell your story and video is at the center of innovative storytelling. Awesome Videomakers produces the latest business video news with insights, interviews and reviews of the most successful video campaigns.

New ideas, new technology, fresh startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs with youtube channels (it’s beginning to seem like that’s almost everybody) are all using video to attract new clients.

“OK, that’s all very well and good”, you say, “but, isn’t video expensive?”

“and, time-consuming?”

“and, kind of hard to do?”

Most small business owners shy away from video marketing because they think they need to buy a lot of specialized gear or they need to hire an expensive videographer.

But it’s not true.

If you’ve ever asked yourself: “Why should I use Video?”

“How does a small businesses like mine use video effectively?”

“Why do I need a video strategy?”

“How can I get started with video?”

“How can I make videos on a budget?” …You’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s how Awesome Videomakers helps you get ahead in the world of business video news & marketing

Awesome Videomakers is a fast-growing community of, well, awesome videomakers, who are sharing their experience and their process. Filled with business video news & reviews of the best visual storytelling and video marketing practices, it’s like a film school in a blog. Each post is a lesson and a guide – with video examples from some of the best videographers around the world. You can learn to make awesome videos using resources you already have.

Get Noticed. Stand Out. Be Everywhere.

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