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What’s the secret every entrepreneur needs to take the plunge?

take the plunge

How Jumping cold water every morning helped grow my business

I used to work for Outward Bound. Every morning we jumped in the ocean. It was always cold. Really cold. And yet we made everyone take the plunge. There was only one way to get used to it.

Do it every day.

At first it seemed like maybe this really wasn’t such a good idea. But by jumping in every day, it became normal. We didn’t just turn it into a daily practice, we made jumping in the ocean part of our cultural identity. When we each agreed to take the plunge, we became members of a tribe who were people of the water. We jumped in every day because we now believed that this was how we how we thrived.

It sounds crazy. It was crazy. No matter the weather, no matter how cold, we jumped in all the way.

Getting your feet wet as a daily practice

Since then I’ve seen first hand how developing a regular practice of ‘getting your feet wet’ works really well for growing your business.

We tend to develop our new stuff in a closet. Musicians call this ‘woodshedding’ – as in a long period of practicing your instrument out back in the wood shed so no one can see or hear you until you’re good enough.

This is not the way to grow your thriving enterprise. If you spend six months developing your next big project on your own, you may well find that you’ve spent all that time on something that no-one cares about.

You need to take the plunge with your new projects.

Jump in – get your feet wet – every day. I know. You’re not quite ready yet. It could be really cold!!

But, if you share some small part of what you’re working on you’ll get feedback right away.

Show Your Work

You may have noticed that this site is all about making videos. So what can you do with video as a daily practice? You can show your work.

Austin Kleon has a great little book called ‘Show Your Work’ devoted to this subject. His secret to getting known? “Do good work and share it with people”

It’s all about reaching out to those you want to connect with. And you know what? If you start sharing part of your work each day you will change your identity. You will move from someone who’s thinking about doing something to someone who’s doing it.

Like Austin, I’m totally a morning person. I like to get up and stay unplugged while I do my most productive tasks for the day in the morning, while my mind is clear. Then, by the late afternoon – when I’m winding down – I’ll start listening to the conversation on my social networks and look for ways to share my inspiration for the day.

The art of a daily share-your-work practice is about experimenting your way to success – to stop planning and start acting. In their fantastic book, ‘Creative Confidence’ authors Tom & David Kelley talk about three action catalysts: create peer pressure, gather an audience, do a bad job (and learn).

If you’re thinking about plunging in yourself you may be wondering what exactly does it look like? To help get you started, I’ve created a Free ‘Take the Plunge’ guide that you can access instantly just by sharing this page:

To walk the talk I’m extending an invitation to join me in a #dailyplunge practice. I’ve just created a Facebook group where you can join and start sharing your work – as well as give feedback and support to the work of others.

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