Turn Your Elevator Pitch Into A Video Manifesto

Learn the Secret Every Independent Business Person Needs to Attract Hordes of Clients

If you are a passionate entrepreneur, freelancer, business owner – who really wants to build a dedicated audience so that you can turn your creative energy into a successful business & make a living from work you love – you’re in the right place!

This video – and the series that follows – addresses the number one problem that I’ve seen after working with hundreds of creatives over the past 10 years: “How do I find more clients?”

I’m going to help you solve the “feast or famine” cycle that all freelancers and independent business people face once and for all – and give you simple tools you can use right away to create a steady stream of new clients.

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Your Elevator Pitch

What if you could visit the future? And what if in the future you had the technology to create a virtual version of yourself – that was really energetic and outgoing – who could be programmed to give a perfect version of your elevator pitch – and be tireless and available to deliver your message and get people interested in your business 24 hours a day anywhere in the world?

What would that do for your business?

Well, the good news is that we have the technology! Right now!

If you were alive during the 1980’s then you know the movie Back to the Future. And in Back to the Future – the future was the year 2015!

(I’m sorry to say that we don’t have hover boards…)

But if you watch this video series – I’ll show you a piece of the future:

I’ll show you how I help business people like yourself develop your elevator pitch – and how you can turn it into an awesome video – so a virtual version of you can be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime…

If you’re like most independent professionals – your biggest challenge is building and maintaining a steady stream of clients – to use your products and services and keep them coming back.

If you’re like many of the clients I’ve worked with – you really don’t like marketing – or having to sell yourself.

Over the last 10 years – really since the birth of youtube and online video – I’ve been developing a simple method of attracting clients – which could be a good fit for you because it doesn’t involve having to sell yourself – or going out and pitching directly to anyone – but it does involve giving generously and creating large amounts of goodwill…

I’ve worked with many small business owners and taught them how to engage new prospects and turn them into clients – and I’d like to show you how to do it too – so that the folks who would be a really good fit for you, will actually raise their hand – and ask to become one of your clients.

That’s the reason I’ve created this FREE video series that will teach you how to attract just the right kind of client for you – and do it in a way that’s not about selling – but more about giving value and creating goodwill.

The first, really easy step in this process

I’ll help you develop your elevator pitch so that you’ll attract just the right client and then how to translate your pitch into an awesome video – that you can share everywhere – and will keep introducing you to the world – 24 hours a day…

This is the first of a video series where I’ll be showing you a simple way to enhance the way you introduce yourself. A way that will start actual conversations so that your prospects will be interested in you and be asking for more information. And then I’ll show you how to turn your elevator pitch into a video – so that your own personal video avatar will be working for you around the clock – turning prospects into clients and customers.

Let’s start with a handy elevator pitch checklist and, actually, this will serve as a little reality check:

When someone asks you the question, “What do you do?” What do you say?

Do you respond by stating your your job title or profession? “Hello I’m Brad Powell and I’m a videographer”

Do you start by listing all your products and services? “I can do personal interviews, testimonial videos, explainer videos, product videos, customer support videos, and, oh yeah if you’ve got an elevator pitch – I can make a video of that too…”

Do you try to demonstrate all your expertise? “the thing you want to focus on the most is to look at the camera like it was your best friend and then just have a conversation…”

Do you launch into your sales pitch? “and if you sign up today i’ll give you an awesome discount – but it’s only good for, like, the next hour…”

If any of that sounds familiar then you’ve already seen the biggest mistake that pretty much everyone makes when they give their elevator pitch…

What is the biggest mistake?

Talking about yourself!

WhenEVER you’re talking with someone who might be a prospect – You don’t want to talk about yourself – you want to talk about THEM!

But how do you talk about someone who you’ve just met who you don’t even know?

Well, That’s the BIG secret to creating an effective elevator pitch. (and my teaser for the rest of the content in this series…)

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Recycled Beauty: Supporting a Cause with Video

Can advertisements be used to inspire people into supporting a cause like recycling and inform them about best-practices along the way? Ellen Callaway of Callaway Photo, is using her skills as a food and product photographer to do just this. She’s created an advertising campaign called Recycled Beauty that’s designed to build knowledge and passion around recycling. Her photos are beautiful and informative and also promote recyclables as valuable raw materials in the economy.

I’ve been passionate about the environment for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I began college at a non-recycling institution, I sent my mom home with bags of recyclables like smelly milk jugs and crusty yogurt containers whenever she visited. So, I recycled and built my awareness about best practices throughout my education and early travels as a photographer, but really began to dive into the topic when I opened my own photo studio in Arlington, MA. From that steady location, I began to look-into the specific recycling rules and regulations of that area. I wanted answers to the pressing recycling questions that I’d held for years, such as ‘What if food is left in the recyclables?’ and ‘What if an item is made of mixed materials?’ So, I started volunteering with the Arlington Recycling Committee to find out.

In turn, I’ve answered these questions and more about how recycling works for various materials, observed the challenges that my town faces in diverting trash and in communicating guidelines to the public.

In time, I saw the connection between my trash reduction research and passion for descriptive photos to tell a story. Here, I had an opportunity to make visual connections between the wastes that we humans generate and how we can reduce and reuse them, give them new life through processes that are way more beautiful and exciting to take-on than a generic stock photo might portray.

So, the images in Recycled Beauty are informative and capture these valuable wastes as I would an intriguing product to be sold in the marketplace – transforming the “eyesore” of trash into an attractive, valuable raw material with endless potential.”

I ultimately hope that these Recycled Beauty photos are used to educate the public about the importance of recycling and how to do it correctly in a clear and inspiring way. Meanwhile, I’m working with entrepreneurs and leaders in the recycling community to build knowledge and excitement around recyclables as raw materials – earthy friendly and good for business.

Support a Cause: Recycled Beauty