5 proven fundamentals on how to overcome procrastination (video)

How to overcome procrastination?

how to overcome procrastinationYou are leading two lives.

There’s the life you live. And there’s that un-lived life that’s inside you.

Between these two lies resistance.

Most of us call our resistance procrastination. We find ourselves frittering away our time with meaningless distractions or busy-work that makes us feel like we’re being productive.

But procrastination makes us feel like we’re failing. When we put something off we tell ourselves it’s because we’re lazy. And watch out if procrastination becomes part of your identity – when you’re a procrastinator you start losing your reliability.

Why not re-define the enemy?

If procrastination is a mindset we carry around about how we’re not measuring up, resistance is a call to arms. It’s an obstacle that we’re challenged to overcome.

It’s a quest.

When I’m thinking about how I’m procrastinating, I’m beating myself up, but when I’m meeting my resistance, I can pick up my sword and shield and slay the dragon.

How you meet your resistance.

We’ve all been exposed to the Nike tag line “Just Do it.” Honestly, it’s way too overwhelming – and about as helpful as, “Just Say ‘No.'”

Instead, use these 5 steps that will help you overcome procrastination:

1. Don’t “Just Do It” – just get started. Don’t worry about doing the whole thing (or how you’re going to slay the dragon once you get to the cave). Just start.
2. Experiment. Figure things out as you go along. Treat everything as an experiment. Learn out loud by sharing your experiments on social media. Share your mistakes. Celebrate victories.
3. Don’t get ready. Take one step. Just get started.
4. Get help from others. Create peer pressure. Gather your audience. Get feedback and encouragement.
5. Embrace your limitations. Don’t wait until you have all the time and resources in the world. When you have a tight deadline use the resources at hand.

Get going (and stop worrying).

Case Study: Sesame Workshop Elmo’s Monster Maker

Here’s an excellent story of a project that had severe time and resource constraints. Adam Skaates & Coe Leta Stafford were developing an iphone app that led kids through fun steps in designing their monster friend.

They had an idea about how to make Elmo dance but they only had 1 hour before a design conference call with their client. They printed oversize image of an iphone, put the image on foamboard and cut rectangular window where the screen would be. While Adam stood behind the phone, Coe Leta set up her webcam, aimed it at the iphone board and then used her finger to simulate how children would use the app – pointing to Adam’s nose to make him start dancing.

As you can see in the video demo they made (above) the results were fun, endearing and far more persuasive than talking about their idea during a conference call.

What project, initiative, goal or dream is being held up by your resistance? What can you do today to begin to make it happen?

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