What’s your story? How to talk about what you do

How to talk about yourself

One of the concerns people have when they think about making a video is “What do I say?” and “Do I need a script?” My approach to video making is to not use a script. When people use a script you can always tell that they are reading something and you can come across as far more authentic if you create your video in an interview style – so that the final version is an edit to your answers about different aspects of your work (which you are kind of an expert on).

And even though you do not need a script – you can prepare what you want to talk about with the following set of questions. These questions will also serve you well when talking to anyone about the work you do.

You probably hear the question, “What do you do for a living?” all the time.

Your professional category is the wrong answer.

Your greatest breakthrough in connecting with prospective clients will come when you understand on a deep and personal level exactly what your clients need. Here’s a list of questions to help you create a dialogue about what you do from your clients’ needs perspective.

Part 1 – Introductory questions:

Who do you help?

What do you help them do?

Why? What’s your purpose? What do you hope to achieve through your work?

Part 2

I. Summarize your target market in one sentence

II. Identify & summarize 3 of the biggest & most critical problems your target market faces

III. List how you solve these problems & how you present your clients with unique solutions

IV. Include the most dramatic results your clients ever achieved

V. List the results & deepest benefits your clients receive

Part 3 – Your script:

You know how [part I] do/are/feel [insert part II]

Well, what I do is [insert part III]

The result is [part IV]

The benefits are [part V]

The short version:

I help [part I] … [part V]