myth busting

How to Bust a Popular Myth

(*Popular Myth: a limiting belief your audience has that isn’t the truth)

Remember this: We’re not perfectly rational.

We think we know the truth about things, but actually, we tell ourselves stories that only have the ring of truth – they sound so true we believe them. Sometimes we even know the stories are a myth, but we believe them anyway because they support a larger belief system we have about the way things are.

Your past experiences, your family’s story, what you think about your own capabilities all shape your personal mythology about what’s possible.

So, when you bust someone’s myth you grab their attention. When you present something unexpected, that’s counter to popular wisdom, it’s hard to resist. If you challenge my beliefs, you become almost irresistible because I’m going to have a hard time not wanting to hear more of what you have to say.

Think about the most popular headlines that are out there – that people click on. A lot of them challenge your beliefs in one way or another.

You can create myth busting topics for any industry, any business, any kind of product or service.

Myth busting questions

Here’s a set of questions to help you come up with customer myths and ways your product or service could challenge them.

1. What does your audience believe about their ability to get the benefits (desired outcomes) your business offers?

Most people have a belief system (mythology) that is limiting in one way or another allowing you to share a greater vision of what’s possible.

2. What does your audience believe about the problem your business solves?

This is not about your product or service – it’s about the problem that you help solve.

3. What emotional blocks are standing in the way of your audience believing that they can solve the problem?

For example your audience may be feeling that getting the benefit you offer is too hard or takes a lot of time – which may be a belief you can challenge.

4. What past experiences have influenced your audience’s beliefs about the problem your business solves?
What are the things that they’ve tried before – that didn’t work out?

5. What popular myth (misconception) does your offer bust for your audience?

Your Homework

Use these 5 myth busting questions to come up with a misconception that your crowd has that you can challenge.

Then join the conversation on my Facebook Group and post the Myth that you’re going to bust for your crowd.