Where’s the bleeding Twitter conversation?

wheres the conversation

I got some advice recently (from Tara Gentile) about how to engage online – which I thought was pretty good advice.


Take the time to listen in on the conversations that are going on among the people you most want to engage with and learn what their concerns are (and their problems and worries and struggles). Do this and you’ll know what they’re looking for and then when you offer them something you’ll know that it’s what they’re looking for.

The new social wisdom is that it’s never been easier to do this what with all the conversations happening on social media sites – like Twitter.

Searching for the Twitter conversation

So, I was like, “Cool, let’s jump on Twitter! I have a Twitter account and over a thousand followers. How hard could it be, right?”

Well, it turns out that most everyone on Twitter is doing pretty much the same thing: They’re broadcasting stuff. They’re tweeting and re-tweeting things they think other folks will like – so they’ll get more followers. And the most common conversation-like comments I can find are, “Hey, thanks for following me.”

But still, I figure there had to be some regular folks (who aren’t just into pitching their thing) so I went a bit deeper by creating lists – of people who fit some criteria of who I might want to converse with. And I pretty much found the same thing.

All talk. No (real) exchange.

Some people on the lists I made are so prolific in their tweets that I had to take them off because they completely took over the list feed.

I did find a couple of exceptions. For instance, people at an event will exchange about what’s going on. And people taking a class or seminar will give feedback and answer structured questions – so I guess you could facilitate an event or seminar and then ask questions and get answers that way…

And it appears that as soon as you establish a level of Twitter celebrity status, then lot’s of people start listening to you and you can ask questions and folks will answer. One artist who does this well is the musician Amanda Palmer. She talks with her fans constantly. And, she has over 1 million Twitter followers.

But finding a real conversation among the common folk that you can listen in on and learn what’s on their minds? On Twitter? Where is it? Am I missing something?

(I hope I am – so if you know where, please tell me).

Want to have a real Twitter conversation? Especially about what your struggling with? Hit me up on @bradpowellvideo – or join my StandOutBiz group on Facebook.

I promise, I’ll be a good listener…