Why the world would end without Visual Storytelling

I love a good read. I love how my mind works while I’m reading and how a good book can be so engrossing – how you can completely enter the world the author creates…

Radio, or a good podcast, can be just as engaging as reading. When you listen to a story your mind actively fills in all the visuals. I love good radio. And I’ve had what they call the NPR driveway moment (when I arrive home while listening to the radio in my car and sit there listening in the driveway until the end of the story).

But, a good film based on the same story? It just doesn’t reach same level of engagement.

Any time I’ve read a book that was then turned into a movie, the book’s always been better than the movie. The experience of watching a film just seems too passive.

We humans love our stories.

Author Philip Pullman wrote, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Humans have always gathered to share stories. It’s essential to our identity. We’re not fully developed as humans until we know our stories and the stories of our people.

(editor’s note: Phillip Pullman has exactly one tweet on his Twitter account which says: ‘saw The Golden Compass in theaters… wasnt as good as the book…’)

Everyone has a good story to tell. Everyone is a good storyteller and everyone likes to tell their story – especially when people are listening and responding positively…

Want some proof? What did you do the last time you broke up with your boyfriend (or girlfriend)? You found someone who would listen and you told your story… (maybe you did this over some wine to loosen up) and then they told you some of their breakup stories.

You shared your stories and bonded over the common experience of breaking up.

Visual Storytelling

Right now – a new medium is taking over. Visual storytelling through video. Stories are being told, and shared, more frequently, and with greater velocity, via video. All you need to do is glance at your Facebook feed and you will see all kinds of stories being shared by hundreds, thousands and even millions – every day.

More people are watching, and sharing, video on a daily basis than any other medium. Which means that if you want to tell your story and give it the best chance of being heard, and shared, by the folks you most want to connect with, video has become most effective medium to use – it’s what people are doing.

Better than writing a book. Better than creating a podcast. Better than a posting to a blog. (And it can be easier and take less time)

Inspire Her Mind

The video above, Inspire Her Mind, is a great example of how video can help a story spread. It shows a young girl who is acting adventurous and curious – but is being told by her (overprotective) parents (who we never see) that she’s doing something that’s ‘not for girls.’

This video speaks directly to me because it tells an impactful story about parenting & I’m a parent. I have an 12 year-old daughter who I’d like to see follow her own brilliance – in whatever arena she chooses. With an inward cringe I recognize echoes of my own voice in the video – perhaps sounding like my own father (my-worst-nightmare!) – and feeling the emotional tug as the girl in the video starts to lose her drive.

The video is an engaging reminder of how easy it is for parents (like me) to slip up and give messages to our daughters that are discouraging and limiting. And it’s found a large audience. Inspire Her Mind has been viewed over 4 million times. Of course you don’t really need your story to be shared by millions to connect with the right group (although it certainly didn’t hurt the Inspire Her Mind video).

The question I find myself asking is would I have been engaged if this video story was told as a blog post? Would I be as likely to share it?

When it comes to sharing your story and engaging your crowd – is video now a better medium for sharing stories than a book? or a podcast? or a blog post?

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