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How To Engage A Live Stream Audience

How to go from Best Kept Secret to Greatest Showman – by live streaming your talks and public speaking engagements.  

What I see people doing as they’re trying out live video – one of the big mistakes that they make – is they’re still treating it as a one-way broadcast or they treat it as a commercial. They think, “Oh I’m getting in front of the camera, this is my chance to do my own commercial!”

That’s really not what love streaming is for.

What you want to be looking for is to have much more of a two-way conversation, and the way to make that happen is to be constantly asking questions, soliciting comments and giving your viewers little tiny calls to action of what to do with you while they’re live. 

So right now I could say, “How many of you have ever done a live stream before? And if you have, in the comments down below say, ‘Yes, I’ve gone live!'”

These kind of comments back and forth, just like in church on Sunday, I can start having call and response. I say, “Live streaming is awesome!” and you guys say, “Hallelujah!”

This kind of engagement is good for two kinds of things. First we’re now able to learn from each other and listen to each other much more. From a business perspective this is critically important. One of the biggest opportunities that I see for live streaming is that this medium allows you to get immediate feedback from your audience in terms of: what do they want to learn from you? what are they interested in? what kinds of questions do they have?

And you can find out from them all of these things and then you go live again you know that you are saying things that they actually want to hear from you!

You’re not wasting their time and you’re not wasting your time going off on some tangent that nobody really cares about. 

Anyone who’s interested in starting with live video, I’ve put together a FREE guide that show the 4 tools that I use when I go live with my phone to make my videos look professional. Check out the free guide!