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Mythbusting Masterclass

Break Through The Noise & Create Demand With Your Next Video

How do you create content, especially video content, that will actually break through the noise and stand out?

Here's what you'll learn:

Join this Masterclass to learn how to use this technique to bust the myths and the limiting beliefs of your audience so that you will stand out in your marketplace and you can lead people to the desired outcome that you provide for them.

The problem we see is that all of us creators, every one of us, has been taught that we need to create a lot of educational, how-to, value-laden content on a regular basis.

And we do this day after day in the hopes that people will start learning from us and they'll start liking us and trusting us and eventually... will buy from us, right?

This has been the plan, it's been the myth, that practically every online creator has adopted and accepted as the truth.

This Masterclass will help you challenge that belief.

Instead of, and in addition to, doing your educational content, you want to go to your audience and challenge one of their beliefs about the way things are.

You can be very provocative.
You can evoke some kind of emotion, some kind of polarization.
...And when you do this right, it's very attention-getting.

Here's what you'll get:

🎥 Instant Access: Case Study Video Training showing one of the best examples of how to create attention grabbing videos.

🎥 Instant Access: Playbook on how to bust a popluar myth complete with a set of questions to walk you through how to challenge the popular beliefs that your audience has.

🎥 Live Masterclass Replay including hotseat opportunities to workshop your next mythbusting video.

🎥 Video access to all of the above!

Presented by

Brad Powell

May 16, 2021
7:00pm Eastern Time

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