Four Simple Steps To Looking Great On Camera

How can you can show up looking great on camera without having to use any expensive equipment or lighting or fancy studio set up?

A lot of you are thinking, “If I want to be looking really smart on camera, I’ve got to get myself into an expensive studio, or I’ve got to get some expensive lighting equipment, or I have to get a fancy camera.”

And none of that is true.

And in fact today was a perfect example of the kind of situation that you can take advantage of.

I shot this video in Boston on a cloudy, rainy day.

And I was social distancing at home, in my bedroom. Nothing fancy going on. And all I did was take advantage of some great, gorgeous window light.

When it’s cloudy and gloomy and looking miserable, it’s the best day to make video – the entire sky is this beautiful soft box!!

My Recommended Audio & Light Kit: