Benji Travis

5. Create content your audience loves with Benji Travis

Want to create content that connects with the right people – who consume all your content and demand even more? Wondering how to make videos your audience will share with others?

Would you like to ask a video creator who’s videos have attracted over 2 million subscribers on Youtube and over 3 million followers on Facebook? And received over 1 billion views?

Join our conversation with Benji Travis, who is the host/co-host of 3 highly successful Youtube channels including “Video Influencers” and is the co-author of “Youtube Secrets.”

We talked about not just how to capture attention but how to keep people watching and coming back for more. Plus, how he’s been able to interview some of the most successful video creators on the planet.

Other topics covered:

  • How Benji created a Youtube channel specifically to grow an audience of over 500,000 for a book he wanted to write.
  • How to connect with influencers.
  • How to conduct a great interview!
  • Strategy for interviewing at conferences.
  • Live streaming for charity – How Benji & his wife raised $380,000+ in 24 hours.

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