David Magone

6. Can Good Stress Save Your Life? With David Magone

We’ve all been taught that stress is something to be avoided – that we need to remove stress from our lives as best we can.

This has been the conventional wisdom for decades.

But what if rethinking stress as a friend rather than a foe could serve to make stress something that works for us, rather than against us?

What if there was such a thing as Good Stress?

This is the question that my guest on this week’s show has been exploring.

About a year ago, during the start of the pandemic, yoga & meditation instructor David Magone found that he needed to pivot from in-person classes to online instruction.

At the same time he also rose to the immediate need that he saw globally – that everyone on the planet needed to boost their immunity to help them survive the pandemic.

So, he developed his Good Stress method.

The idea is both contrary to conventional wisdom and utterly simple.

We’ve all been taught that stress is a leading cause of multiple health issues, but David started experimenting and found that “good stress” actually makes you healthier, stronger & more successful by optimizing your immune system.

In this conversation we’ll hear how David successfully pivoted to video by running his teaching online and how you can start practicing “Good Stress” to not only maintain your optimal health but also optimal success.

0:00​ Intro

7:46​ David walks barefoot across frozen pond and jumps in ice water!

10:32​ What training David did to allow himself to be comfortable in cold and ice.

23:26​ Good stress benefits beyond cold water.

25:21​ Final Takeaway – Something to try right away!

Contact David Magone: https://davidmagone.com/

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