David Meerman Scott

54. The New Rules of Marketing with David Meerman Scott

There used to be only three ways to get noticed: Buy expensive advertising, get the mainstream media to tell your story for you, or hire a huge sales staff to interrupt & tell people individually about your products.

But now, with the myriad of new opportunities to market and promote yourself online, the key to success (and to standing out) is to think more like a journalist and publish amazing content that will build trust and affinity for your brand.

These ideas form the main premise of the newly published 8th edition of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” written by my guest, David Meerman Scott.

As we’ve seen over the past two years where we could not meet one another face-to-face, the kind of online marketing that David writes about in his book has become even more essential.

Here’s the key takeaways from this episode:

  • The old rules of marketing that haven’t changed in the past 15 years.
  • Newshacking – a word coined by David – and why it could be the most effective way to reach a wider audience.
  • How the new rules are all about taking charge of your messaging and publishing content your audience looks forward to.

Stay tuned for a deep discussion of what are the new rules of marketing that work today and how you can harness them to help your own brand stand out!

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