Victoria Labalme

4. Learn to Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme

You know how sometimes you meet someone and they’re able to bring something out of you that lets you be the kind of person that you don’t usually allow yourself be?

Well, I had this kind of experience this past week when I met my guest Victoria Labalme for the first time. But it wasn’t just Victoria that gave me permission to open up in new ways – it was her new book – “Risk Forward”

So, it was Last Sunday morning, and I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts – and Victoria was being interviewed – and practically everything she was saying was resonating with me. 

She was busting the myth about goal setting – saying you DON”T have to set goals every time you set out to do something new and it’s OK to try things out without knowing where you’re going.

So, by Tuesday I had downloaded a copy of the book and i’d listened to it twice. and immediately reached out to see if she would be willing to join the show.

Then on Wednesday she got back and asked if this week was possible and so we went live together and recorded this discussion on Thursday.

Victoria Labalme, is a performing artist, performance coach, documentarian (her film Muppet Guys Talking is a must-watch) and she’s the author of the new book, “Risk Forward – Embrace the unkown and unlock your hidden genius.”

She’s performed in film, Television, Broadway and comedy clubs. Now she’s helping people unlock their inner genius and perform at the highest levels 

So, to paraphrase the opening line of her book, if you’re NOT one of the few people who knows exactly what they want in life – then this episode, is for you.

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