Curtis Matsko

129. From Zen Monastery to Million Dollar Brand with Curtis Matsko

When you think about standing out, you’re probably thinking along the lines of doing something SO different that everyone will notice.

But, what if standing out had more to do with what’s going on inside you?

What if standing out was an inside job?

To help us explore what that looks like I invited Curtis Matsko onto the show.

Curtis is the CEO & founder of Portland Leather Goods (a super cool company) which started on a dare, when he took a scrap of leather, designed a journal, and propelled it into a $100,000,000 a year brand.

But, he also spent a winter in a Zen Monastery trying to make eight Buddhist monks laugh while meditating and reading Calvin and Hobbes.

So listen up – this is a fun episode packed full of insights on authenticity, resilience, and what it truly takes to stand out.


  • The power of surrounding oneself with the right people.
  • Resistance is often a sign you’re onto something big.
  • The importance of listening to our inner voices.
  • The power of magic & having fun!


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