LeeAnah James

58. How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence with LeeAnah James

Let’s bust the myth of the solopreneur. The ‘solo’ part of becoming successful is not actually real. No one becomes a stand out CEO all by themselves. It takes a whole ecosystem of your network and community. Your relationships with your family, your friends, your colleagues, your team and your clients and customers all contribute to make or break your business.

And yet, as entrepreneurs who are super enthusiastic about our work, we can get swept away by our emotions and either carried off to ungrounded dreamland or, when things don’t go the way we planned, spiral down into doomland – all depending on how we’re feeling in the moment. Neither of which is good for our working relationships or well being.

So, how can you gain control to use your emotions as an asset to building successful relationships? How do you develop your emotional intelligence so you learn to harness raw emotion and use it as a platform to relate to your world?

These are the questions that my guest, LeeAnah James, has been tackling in her work as an Emotional Intelligence coach.

Join our conversation we talk about the exact framework LeeAnah uses to help you take charge of your emotions and start taking charge of your work & your life.

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