Ashley Pare & Sonal Bahl

130. Personal Brands Aren’t Just For CEO’s with Sonal Bahl & Ashley Paré

Are you ready to be the face of your brand and stand out from the crowd?

The idea of having a personal brand isn’t new, but there’s a persistent misbelief that personal brands are just for CEOs, celebrities and Instagram influencers.

But consider this:

Recently, I saw a post on LinkedIn by Nat Berman predicting a Personal Brand explosion. He said:

“Most of the CEOs, Founders & entrepreneurs who have been sitting on the sidelines won’t any longer. They’ll realize how important it is to be known for more than just their jobs.”

But, more critically,

“They’ll also be looking at other personal brands as a form of resume!”

Which made me think that if this prediction plays out, then in order to stand out & to ensure our success in the future, every one of us – you, me, all of us, need to develop our personal brands.

To help explore the idea that developing your personal brand is not just a good idea – but vital to your career path – I’ve invited two career coaches onto this week’s Standout Business Show.

Sonal Bahl is a career strategist & founder of Supercharge Yourself who’s developed her personal brand via a successful Youtube channel (with 145,000 subscribers) and weekly LinkedIn livestream series.

Ashley Paré is a leadership coach for professional women & founder of Own Your Worth & Worthy Women’s Collective who’s grown her personal brand through public speaking including her TEDx talk, ‘How to have your cake & negotiate too.’

Stay tuned – & let’s tune up your personal brand!


  • Everyone already has a personal brand.
  • You have a limited choice in how much you can control the narrative around your brand.
  • The power of showcasing your unique features to connect with those around you.
  • The ART framework of designing your personal brand.


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