Eva Chen

131. The Brand You’re Meant to Be with Eva Chen

So, you want to build a standout business…

A business people are excited about…

But how do you connect the dots between your innate talents, authentic values, interests & expertise & an offering that matches what your audience needs from you?

And how do you develop a personal brand that attracts the right opportunities?

Well, to help answer these questions, I invited personal brand expert, Eva Chen onto the show and she’s spent the last 20 years applying her brand strategy and marketing expertise working for Fortune 500 companies.

Imagine a world where your personal brand fosters deep ties with your target market without the need for traditional selling techniques.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, stay tuned because Eva is sharing how it’s both possible and more accessible than ever before.


  • What happens when you genuinely align your business objectives with your authentic self.
  • How to leverage your unique talents and strengths to carve a niche for your standout business.
  • How to keep the momentum going and promote your standout business.


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