Scott Aaron

63. How to engage new leads on LinkedIn with Scott Aaron

There are so many ways to create content on LinkedIn. You can create a basic post, shoot a native video, publish a newsletter/article, post a poll, and even do a LinkedIn Live.

But the problem is, many people struggle with creating content that actually engages with their audience. How do you develop your content strategy so that you grow your personal brand, establish yourself as an authority and create a real connection with the right crowd?

My guest, business coach for personal branding & business growth Scott Aaron joins the Stand Out CEO Show to answer these questions. Scott the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating income using LinkedIn and building personal brands.

In this episode he breaks down his 4-step process that he calls “The LinkedIn Layer Cake” for making authentic connections that will grow your business.

Episode Resources:
Mic Drop Moments – Become the face of your business with short, insightful videos that leverage your brand awareness.


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