Micro Courses

132. The Winning Strategy for Online Course Creation: Micro Courses – with Matthew Biggar

Are you planning on creating a signature course or group coaching program?

Is 2024 the year you’re going to create and host the kind of experiential learning program that will help you impact more people and scale your business?

If your goal for next year to use an online course to create long-term, sustainable revenue then check out this week’s guest, Matthew Biggar, who says that to ensure your program’s success, you should build a Micro Course first.

Matthew’s background is in corporate training but now he’s helping business leaders stand out by  transforming their passions and strengths into engaging  & gamified Micro Course experiences.

Listen up because we took a deep dive into how you can create your own micro course – as a journey of discovery – designed to ignite creativity and passion in your audience.


  • Matt’s 5x5x5 comprehensive blueprint for planning your micro course that guarantees an enjoyable and rewarding learner’s experience.
  • The secret ingredients to amplify learner engagement and add more value to your course.
  • The key to fostering collaboration and co-creation that will ensure the success of your micro course.


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