Melinda Van Fleet

148. How Pink Socks Grew My Standout Business with Melinda Van Fleet

Back in 2009 Melinda Van Fleet & her husband Ryan both found themselves laid off from their jobs in Minnesota.

They both dreamed of living someplace warm & Ryan imagined what it would be like to be a sportfishing captain.

So they moved to the Florida Keys and completely transformed their careers.
Melinda launched her personal-coaching business and helped Ryan launch Good Karma Sportfishing.

And for anyone thinking that hanging out in the Florida Keys was all easy-breezy, just remember that they were starting all over again from scratch.

Stay tuned as Melinda shares how she creatively used pink socks to help Ryan’s Sportfishing business stand out among the myriad of competitors and built up her own coaching business.

Melinda is a Business & Leadership Coach. She’s the author of “Confidence Mastery for Couples” and host of “The Success Codes” & “Wake Up Call” Podcast.

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