Brad Powell

147. How to be memorable with Brad Powell

After you give a talk, or make a presentation, or make a video, what if no one remembers what you said?
What if after all your posting on social media people don’t remembers a thing you shared…?

A recent study showed that when someone posts online or gives a talk… after just 48 hours
80% of the information is gone!
Let that sink in: people can’t recall 80% of what you say.

Whenever you create content, if all you do is share information people remember only 20% (or less)
Which begs the question, if all you’re sharing is information, how are you bringing value?

So what can you do to be more memorable – to make sure folks remember what you said?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m covering in this episode – my simple 3-step process for ensuring that people remember you & your content – and think of you the next time they need what you offer.
Listen up!
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