Brad Powell

94. Let’s bust some myths about lead generation!

I’m sure you’ve seen a version of this promise from an online marketer:

“Get 10,000 leads in the next 30 days without you having to do anything!”

or some such nonsense…

But, if you’re like me, that promise can still leave you feeling like there must be some secret that you don’t know.

If you could only learn this one secret, the tap on the lead generation faucet would open and a flood of perfect prospects would start flowing in your business door.

Because without leads you don’t have a business. So of course lead generation is on top of your mind.

Even if you’re good at it, you still need to think about it all the time.

Here’s the thing: there are a lot of stories and myths about lead generation that actually may be holding you back.

And getting your mindset right about it is one of the most important secrets to generating leads.

Listen to my latest episode as I bust the most prevailing lead generation myths to hear:

🎙 The real secret behind lead generation
🎙 Why methods that suggest you can get leads without showing up are B.S.
🎙 Why outsourcing lead generation & sales doesn’t work for coaches and consultants who have a high-ticket offer.
🎙 How you can truly become the face of your brand and trusted authority at scale.

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