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149. How to breakthrough the noise with storytelling with Patti Sanchez

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If you want to amp-up your impact as a communicator, check out this conversation I had with Patti Sanchez about storytelling.

In this episode, Patti unpacks how anyone can (and should) use story to make their messages stand out, whether they’re communicating online or in-person. ​

She also shares real, practical examples of stories used in everyday communication, as well as what motivated her to become a storyteller herself.

Patti’s a passionate advocate for storytelling because it’s a potent tool for communication and leadership.

Why? Because stories:

  • Create emotional appeal that commands attention and compels audiences to lean in.
  • Make abstract or complex ideas understandable, relatable, and memorable.
  • Build connection, rapport, and trust that deepens relationships.

There’s a reason the world’s most admired brands and beloved leaders tell stories. Listen up to find out how you can put storytelling to work for you, too!

Patti’s a storytelling consultant and author of award-winning books on persuasive communication and change leadership. After 30+ years in advising some of the world’s top brands, she started her own firm to help leaders and their teams harness story-driven communication to drive positive change.

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