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143. Social Media Storytelling: How to be more bingeable than Netflix

Ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through social media, only to be captivated by a story that stopped you in your tracks?

Everyone’s had the experience of being hooked by a good story. We simply can’t help ourselves.

However, while the effects of good storytelling hasn’t changed, the mediums that we’re using to tell stories have. Social media (and fast scrolling attention spans) demands that we share our stories in micro moments.

But how do we do that?

What are the ways to tell a story that grabs attention the moment someone takes out their phone and starts scrolling through various social platforms?

If you’re posting an Instagram reel or a Youtube short, how do you build in the elements that make for a gripping narrative that will keep people’s attention – and do it in under a minute?

Well, to help explore this new realm of social media storytelling, I’ve invited master storyteller, Francisco Mahfuz onto the Standout Business Show.

Francisco is the author of “Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking,” the host of The Storypowers Podcast & the author of some super entertaining storytelling that I’ve been binging on LinkedIn


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