short form video

This short form video hack fixes everything!

One of the secrets that you can use when you’re making a whole bunch of videos is that you can actually create a series, hopefully a series that will be bingeable.

Think of it like you’re creating a season of videos on based on one narrative arc. When you’re doing it, you can say,

“Hey, look. This is video number two in the series. If you want all of the videos in this series, then you should follow me . Hit that follow button, hit the bell, and then you will get notified every time I make a new video, and you’ll be sure to get all the videos in this series.”

Then you can tell them what the series is all about. And why they should pay attention to the upcoming ones that are coming soon.

This is something I see very few people doing, and it’s a great way to stand out with your content and to train your audience to follow you and check in with you and start consuming your content and engaging with you on a regular basis.