Jacob Coldwell

90. What Great Listeners Actually Do with Jacob Coldwell

Chances are you think you’re a good listener. Most people rate their listening skills the same way they rate their driving: they all think they’re above average.

And chances are much of the advice you’ve heard on how to be a great listener falls far short of developing good listening skills.

But, what if great listening came from subtracting what isn’t working rather than adding more?

And what if good listening was the cure for what’s ailing us in our increasingly polarized world where we tend to talk at each other rather than have genuine conversations?

These are the main questions that my guest on the Standout CEO Show, Jacob Coldwell is raising in his work to make us all better listeners.

Jacob is the author of ‘Listen Simply, How to Understand What People Are Saying’ and he’s the founder of Mountain Pass coaching.

Listen up as we take a deep dive into the tools and insights to repair your relationships, restore your leadership, work better in teams, and make you a force in any human endeavor.


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