Shorten sales cycles

138. Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Short-Form Video – with Brad Powell

When you have a service business it’s just not as easy to sell your offer. People want to know a lot more more about you.

They know that if they’re going to hire you for your service, they’ll be working closely together with you, so they need to feel like they want to spend time with you.

You need to show them who you are as much as you need to tell them about your offer.

And you’ll need to create a nurturing experience that helps them get to know you so they’ll feel like they’re a good fit for your offer.

So, here’s the golden nugget: 🌟

You can have a shorter nurturing experience IF they feel like they already know you and trust you by the time you’re actually making your offer.

And the easiest way to do that is through short form video. 🎥

So, today I’m sharing a feed drop from Sarah Noel Block‘s podcast, The Tiny Marketing Show, where she interviewed me all about how to use short form video to build relationships with your followers.

We talked about how your nurturing experience with your followers can be a lot shorter because it’s such a personal experience when you’re watching a video people see your personality.

Because they see what you know, how you think & how you see the world – you’re building trust.

And your teaching them how to solve their problem through your short-form videos

You can really shorten your sales cycle because you’re quickly answering the questions in their minds like:

  • “Do I want to hang out with this person??”
  • “Do I believe that I’m going to get what they say I’m going to get?”

Because they’ve already proven that to themselves after watching your videos.


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