Anita Toth

How To Keep Your Customers (Happy!)

Did you know that it costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? And this is especially true if your business model is based on memberships or subscriptions. So, how do you keep your customers happy and keep your hard earned customers from leaving? 

The answer to that question is the life work of Anita Toth and I had a chance to take a deep dive on how to find out why your customers might be leaving and how to create loyal customers in this interview! 

Anita gives specific steps in reaching out to your customers and learning from them what you can do to better serve them.

If you’ve got a subscription or membership business model this information is invaluable for learning what you need to do to keep your customers happy and coming back. If you’d like to see how one of my clients built a thriving membership site, watch this interview with Carrie Clark.

BONUS: Here’s the awesome video (by Hubspot) that’s mentioned (at 19:45 above) showing a great example of how to respond to customers who have just unsubscribed from your email list. Enjoy!