Brad Powell

Does Social Video Marketing Work Without A Large Audience?

I got this question recently:

“I have been told by a couple of people I have talked with about video marketing that the only way to have a successful video campaign on Facebook is if I have a strong and large facebook audience. Is this correct?”

It’s certainly true that having a large audience helps, you can grow your business doing live video even when you’re talking to a small group of people. The live aspect lets you engage with your viewers in real time and you can follow up with them and continue your conversation after the video is over.

When I work with clients I help them develop a system for turning viewers into friends and then turning friends into leads and then turning leads into clients – by posting three types of live videos and using automatic follow up via Facebook messenger and email.

If you’d like to start attracting new clients to your business on a consistent basis by setting up this simple system of attracting the right audience using live video, then join my Big Reach Video program and see how you can grow your reach and and your audience 10x faster.