Kristen Ragusin

99. A Radical Way Of Thinking About Money with Kristen Ragusin

One of the biggest changes coming our way is the disruption to our money system.

We’ve all bought into the ILLUSION that money should be scarce.

❌ Why do we live our lives in debt owing banks money?

❌ Why do we spend our lives in debt to live in a house and pay interest that way surpasses the original cost?

❌ Why do we take on more debt to have a car?

❌ Why do we take out loans for a good education?

❌ And why do we feel guilty about spending money to take a nice vacation?

Our current model perpetuates debt, increases prices and keeps us on the perpetual hamster wheel of borrow, earn, repay, borrow, earn, repay.

But, money was never meant to be scarce.

I had the pleasure of talking with Kristen Ragusin who’s the author of the newly published book, “The End Of Scarcity”.

Listen up ’cause this is the true money revolution—what comes after Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


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