Brad Powell Rant Into Revenue

100. Turn Your Rant Into Revenue with Brad Powell

I’ve always believed that instead of sharing information about what what you do, the best way to get people to pay attention, and inspire them to take action, is to go on a rant.

But simply ranting is not enough.

How do you connect your rant to issues & challenges that your audience is facing and then translate into the opportunity to solve those challenges by working with you?

In short: how do you turn your rant into revenue?

Listen up & get ready to take some notes!

Here’s the framework:

Step ONE:
Your invitation to rant – let’s say you’re having a few drinks with your friends or colleagues (or sitting at a cafe), what do you see over and over again that frustrates you?
what mistakes do your clients consistently make?
what frustrates you about your industry?
what frustrates you about your audience?

Step TWO:
Reframe your rant and frustrations. Everything said can be related to a challenge that people are facing.
What’s their actual challenge?

Where there’s a problem there’s often opportunity
What are the opportunities that you see when you’re thinking about these challenges that you’re so passionate about?
Share some of opportunities that you saw where these problems are arising and how you tackled that?

Step FOUR:
What are the negative challenges that are facing these people?
If nothing changes what are the negative outcomes they can expect?

Step FIVE:
Based on these negative outcomes & challenges, what are some products or services that you offer that remedy those challenges?

NOW you can talk about your capabilities!

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