The #1 way to look your best on video

How many Zoom calls have you been on lately?

I’m hosting a live Masterclass called ‘Groom Your Zoom’ on Friday, August 14th at 12pm (EDT)

Personally, I’m finding myself on Zoom for a major portion of every day.

And I’m here to tell you I’ve seen a lot of bad Zoom ;(

Since we’re all working virtually from home, showing up on video has become a necessity.

You need to look and sound as good as you possibly can.

If you were to show up at a networking conference wearing a t-shirt and sandals while everyone else is in business attire, people will respond to you differently.

So, when you show up to a virtual conference call and you’re the only one who’s image is dark or your sound is bad, people will respond to you differently there too, right?

Whether you’re giving a virtual presentation, making a Zoom call or attending a job interview, people who use video well are the ones who will stand out.

In this video I’d like to share the one thing you can do to dramatically improve the way you show up on video.

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