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36. How to Build a POWERFUL Personal Brand on Social Media in 2022

In this episode I’m sharing my best tips and the strategies that I’ll be implementing in the New Year to build my personal brand.

You want your personal brand to be rock solid.

And in this day and age, if you’re in the digital immigrant generation, you may be feeling like the whole digital marketing train has left the station – without you on it.

More than ever there’s new strategies that we can all implement to make sure that our personal brand stands out in a sea among the millions and millions of younger folks who are trying to build their name and build their brand online.

If you have any sort of presence online, you have a personal brand and in this episode I’m going to do an end of the year wrap up of what worked for myself and my clients and share the new direction I’m most excited about moving into in 2022!

Episode Resources:
Mic Drop Moments – Become the face of your business with short, insightful videos that leverage your brand awareness.

Podcast Profit Platform – Power you personal brand with a stand out video podcast.


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