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35. 10 ways to ensure that more people will show up on your live videos

The best part about doing live video is having a live audience to engage with. But, there’s nothing more depressing when you go live and you can see that no one is watching. 🙁

So, how do you get people to come and join you when you go live?

In this episode I’m sharing my system to get more live viewers on Facebook Live, on LinkedIn Live and also on Youtube Live.

Here’s my complete breakdown of what you need to do – before you go live, while you’re live and, most importantly, what you can do after you go live – to ensure that more and more people are joining your live streams.

Get out your notepads because this episode is full of takeaways.

Once you’ve listened, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed when you start thinking about doing all this promotional work. I have good news!

Let me take it off your hands and do it all for you!!!

I’ve just launched two new, done-for-you services for remote live video production.

Check them out here:

Mic Drop Moments – Imagine sitting down for a remote interview session where you’re asked a set of questions that are designed to tease out your best insights and thought leadership.

Within a single interview session you’ve created a complete set of short, social video posts that are scheduled to be posted to all your social media platforms for an entire month.

You meet just one time per month, via remote video interview, and the rest of your social media video branding is done for you – that’s Mic Drop Moments!

Podcast Profit Platform – Build a Powerful Personal Brand with a Standout Video Podcast. I’ll make producing your live video podcast a whole lot easier, more profitable, and less time-consuming to create.


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