Dennis Geelen Happy Accidents

118. Find Your Unexpected Path to Success: Embracing Happy Accidents with Dennis Geelen

Do believe in fate or do you believe in happy accidents? (Yes, that’s a cup-half-full question)

Ever wondered how big brands like Blendtec, Post-It, or Slack turned their perceived failures into multi-million dollar successes?

They’re proof that you don’t have to be the smartest, the most gifted, or special person to find success.

After all, most wildly successful businesses can trace back their success to a fluke, happenstance, or fortunate coincidence (a.k.a. A Happy Accident)

Their secret is how they leveraged it!

This weeks guest on The Standout Business show is Dennis Geelen and he believes that you just need to be ready to recognize a Happy Accident moment when it comes along, and take action when it does!

Dennis is a fervent believer in harnessing Happy Accidents.  During our conversation he shares his three-stage process to create success stories: setting the stage, experiencing a happy accident, and recognizing and capitalizing on it.

Dennis is Founder of consulting company Zero In, and the author of ‘The Accidental Solopreneur’ and The Happy Accident Newsletter.’

Listen up as we take a deep dive into what it takes to leverage your own luck in running a standout business.


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