Where should you live stream to get your best reach? – with Rob Balasabas

When you think of going live most people are thinking about using Facebook or Instagram.

But what about Youtube? It’s the biggest video channel so wouldn’t it make sense to stream there?

And did you know that LinkedIn just opened up its live streaming feature for all users? And then there’s Twitter, Twitch & TikTok…

Or could you multicast to go live to all these places at the same time!?

To help us choose the right place to go live I’ve invited Rob Balasabas onto The Live Stream Show. Rob was the community manager at Tubebuddy (a Youtube tool that gives creators advanced analysis of their video performance) and now he has a similar role with Uscreen (a video content platform that allows creators to monetize their videos).

Rob also has his own Youtube channel and has been a big live streamer there so he brings a perspective that’s both sides of the video creator journey.

Check out Rob’s Youtube channel

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