109. Stand Out In 30 Seconds: The Power Of The Profile Video with Chala Dincoy

Ready to make LinkedIn work for you like never before?

This insightful conversation with messaging specialist Chala Dincoy will arm you with the knowledge to make a striking impact in just 30 seconds!

We dive into the power of LinkedIn’s profile video feature, sharing tried-and-true strategies that work wonders and pitfalls to avoid. From analyzing robust profile videos from host, Brad Powell & previous guests Robb GilbearLiz Hamlet, & Sonal Bahl to discuss the immense power of niching.

This episode will revolutionize the way you present yourself on LinkedIn.

But that’s not all.

Chala and I also take a deep-dive into how to create resonating messages that hit home with your target audience and the immense value of honing in on a distinct problem you can solve.

We also delve into why, in this post-COVID sales cycle, video content is the undisputed king, and what you can do to leverage it effectively.

Lastly, we touch upon ways to maintain a robust presence on platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube. We share indispensable tips on how to use weekly live streams and other strategies to remain relevant and visible to your audience.

So, if you’re keen on standing out and making a mark in your chosen industry, this is one conversation you won’t want to miss.


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