Endless Video Ideas

142. A Hack to come up with Endless Video Ideas

Right now, in 2024, the most successful digital content is coming from short-form style videos.

We’re talking about quick video clips that are no more than 60 seconds in length.

But short form videos are more than just fleeting content; they’re powerful tools that can turn viewers into loyal clients.

The good news is that short video clips are easy to make – but the problem is in order to have them perform well you’ll need to post consistently on a daily basis.

And if you’ve tried this at all, I’m sure you’ve wondered:
“Well, what the heck do I make my videos about?”

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this episode, because I’m going to share with you a very simple process you can follow so that you can have endless ideas for amazing video topics.

By the end of this episode you’re gonna have a quick 10-minute exercise that you can perform every single week.

And every time you perform this exercise you are going to come up with more video topics than you can possible publish.

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