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140. Steady growth without spending a fortune on ads with Danny Young

I’m a big fan of using video.

But, I know that the job of posting new content day after day – especially if it’s video – can seem super daunting.

So, what if you were able to take 3 or 4 of your best performing videos and turn them into ads – with a tiny budget behind them?

And, if set up properly, would have people coming to you who know they’re a perfect fit for your offer?

And whenever you needed a new client, you could turn on these ads until your roster is full, and then turn them off again.

Wouldn’t that be a simpler way to maintain steady growth and income for your business?

One of the biggest challenges facing every service business, whether you’re a consultant, a coach or an online course creator, is maintaining steady growth and a steady stream of new clients.

Typically you’ll experience a great month with lots of new business.

Then you and your team will buckle down and get busy doing great work for your clients.

But, as that work comes to a close… your pipeline for attracting new clients looks all dry and dusty from neglect. 😱

And you end up going through a long, dry period of scrambling and stress – not knowing where the next client will come from.

Well, this week’s guest, Danny Young joined to share his simple and affordable approach to using Facebook video ads to build an engaged audience, automate your lead generation and create epic experiences for your customers.

Danny is the founder of a boutique Facebook Ads agency, specializing in audience growth and keeping your brand and products front of mind for your dream clients.

Listen up because Danny walked us through his 5-step ad & audience framework in fine detail and provided this audio masterclass in full-blown ad mastery.


  • The secrets of building real connections that not only capture leads but also foster trust and rapport, all with a surprisingly modest investment in automated ads.
  • How to start and scale Facebook campaigns, the power of irresistible lead magnets, and the art of testing and optimizing to make every ad dollar count.
  • Behind-the-scenes insights into the psychology of audience growth and the magic of retargeting

Get ready for a deep dive into strategies that will make your service stand out in the bustling social media marketplace.


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