Brad Powell Video Marketing Coach

The #1 Mistake Businesses Make When They Try To Attract New Leads

Think of someone you admire and follow online.

Maybe it’s an author who’s book you’ve read or a coach who’s program you’ve taken.

Now think about the process you went through to learn about them so that you were ready to purchase their work.

Online the process usually looks like:

  • You see a post on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Or maybe you watch a Youtube video.
  • Then they offer you a free mini training that teaches you something really useful.
  • This get followed by a bunch of nurturing emails and maybe a webinar or two
  • and then, they make their offer and you’re ready to jump in.

So, when it comes time to create your own method of gathering and nurturing leads, you are likely to make this one big mistake: You create your content in the same order that you experienced it.

The first thing you’ll do is start posting on social media. Maybe you do some live videos. Then you’ll create a free lead magnet. And then a webinar. And so on in that order…

This is a huge mistake!

And in this video I’m showing you why and what to do instead!!

If you already believe that a podcast funnel is the most effective (and time efficient) way to get people to the place where they know that they’re a good fit and they’re ready to buy your offer…

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