Brad Powell

9. What Makes Good Content For Live Video?

What makes good content in your videos?

If you’re posting content on social media then you know that:

✅ There’s a lot of mediocre content out there and
✅ It’s super hard to stand out from all the noise.

So, what can you do to ensure that the right people will notice all the work you’re doing and the important message you’re sharing?

First of all, you need a strategy for creating your content that’s streamlined so that it doesn’t take you a lot of time – so you don’t get burned out and just plain give up.

My method of choice: Go Live Regularly – for the biggest reach in the least amount of effort.

So now, since we’re talking video, you need a method – a framework and process – that will capture people’s attention so they’ll start watching and keep them watching until the end.

That framework and process I call Livestream Leverage. This is a 3-part framework which includes Mythbusting and Telling Stories That Sell.

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