Laurie Schloff

48. Power up your virtual speaking with Lauri Schloff

Whether you’re delivering presentations, speaking at conferences or facilitating meetings, the last two years have taught us that it’s now essential to learn how to communicate virtually.

As we move into the future, this is not going away.

Most major conferences are going to continue to offer on online component.

Most employees and entrepreneurs are going to continue to run their businesses remotely.

And those who master virtual communication skills are the ones who will excel as leaders in the ‘new normal.’

In this edition of The Live Stream Show I’ve invited communication coach, Laurie Schloff to help us enhance our virtual speaking and communication skills.

Laurie is the author of ‘Smart Speaking’ and has appeared on Oprah and the Today Show. (Imagine that? Join us live and you’ll be one degree of separation with Oprah!)


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