Pieta Blakely

10. Launch & Grow A Live Video Podcast – with Pieta Blakely


Video podcasting is hot right now, especially live video podcasting. Starting a live video podcast can become the most effective and time efficient way to grow an engaged audience and become the obvious choice for the thing you do.

But before you commit to starting your live video podcast, please listen to this week’s special guest, Pieta Blakely, as she share’s her experience hosting her own live video show, ‘Coffee Time With Masterminds.’

I’m so inspired by Pieta’s story. As a past client, Pieta discovered a way to produce her live video podcast that has made it so much easier to get the most results.

Results that have given more exposure for her brand, grown her authority, increased her network and grown her revenue as a non-profit consultant – all during the year of Covid!?

Truly amazing! In this episode we take a deep dive into all the steps she took and how you can do this too.

If you’re inspired by Pieta’s story and now you’re thinking of launching your own live video podcast, reach out to me. I’d be happy to get on a call with you to hear what you’re thinking about and we can map out a strategy that could work for your project.

Go ahead and schedule a time to chat right here!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Live Stream Show!

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