Brad Powell

How To Build Your Network On Video in 2020

All of a sudden it’s 2020!! And one of BIG things on my list to work on this year is: growing my network.

And we all KNOW that going out in the world, meeting people and building relationships (a.k.a. ‘networking’) is super essential to finding new clients and growing our business.

BUT it takes a BIG time commitment. And each time you go to a networking event, you really only have time to meet and have meaningful interactions with 1 or 2 or 3 people at the most.

SO, let’s talk about how you could do networking from the comfort of your home (even when the cold winter storms are blowing), using live video, as a way to virtually network…!

Here’s a 20 minute master class I just posted where I’m comparing offline, in-the-real-world networking with virtual networking using live video. And, at the end, I’ve included one surprising way you can combine live video with in person networking to turn yourself into a genuine networking maven!

In the first 7 minutes, I’m describing the pros and cons of real world networking OR you can jump to 7:45 on the video where I start sharing my tips for how to do networking on video.

If YOU are wanting to grow your network and are ready for a Big Reach in 2020, then let’s talk! Just schedule a Video Breakthrough Session where we’ll discuss what’s been keeping you from getting your message out and the #1 you can Start Showing Up with video.

I’ll reach out to you with an invitation to have a virtual coffee chat!